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About Lacrosse Travel


  Lacrosse Travel  Beaumont Martin started in concept 30 years ago as we drove our 4 children hours each weekend to every sports game possible year round. It became a project to find the most efficient route, best hotel and activities for siblings. Many times it developed into a “sports vacation”. With the economy the way it is it is impossible to separate the two.

Requirements: indoor pool, breakfast included, hotel close to the site.

It became clear every travel sport team had the same requirements. I knew the viagra in britain drill and game plan and had years of travel experience so it was a natural. One of my sons coached and the worst part of his job was arranging team travel. He said it was waste of time and he lost money for the school so he asked for help; it was a win win. He coached and left the travel planning to Lacrosse Travel. Win win for all.


Knowledge and cialis legally experience were key at the same time creating a venue that made memories of a lifetime became primary. The smell of fresh cut grass, a warm bench and total support for the children were the  the venue. It should be seamless not stressful.  I created the one stop shop starting with lacrosse. One call and we delivered the package.

This sports niche grew from planning travel for lacrosse teams  to all sports teams and referees. Additionally, after 30 years of being a certified travel agent and after 12 years of working with sports teams we have expanded to recommended site buy cheapest cialis 5 mg travel off the tramadol for dogs field for families and business. The world is so small and the one gift we can share and the best choice generic viagra in united states give our children is travel near or far. The travel environment is most challenging today and we take the problems out of planning.


Started as official travel agent for US Lacrosse
Arrangements for World Games in Perth
Arrangements for teams to World games in  England 2010
Handled fans and teams to NCAA Mens Lacrosse Championship- supplying midfield tickets and event rate hotels   
Spring break trips for teams – Florida,  North Carolina, South Carolina
Partners for tournament travel
International team travel

Vacation/Corporate and honeymoon are our specialty as well.

Whatever the travel needs we are there to make it come true. We supply personal service with a sports based knowledgeable staff. You will not be asked to wait or be thanked for your patience - service and memories are everything.


Beaumont Martin

LacrosseTravel now Partners in travel with Inside Lacrosse!


May 23rd-25th, 2015

Philadelphia, PA

Tickets On Sale Now!

Why LacrosseTravel?

- 30 Years of Experience

- Knowledge of game and
  needs of traveler

- Competitive Pricing

- Adaptable approach to problem solving


Our Approach:

- Coordinate all aspects of only best offers buy viagra in hong kong travel

- Provide options to customize your event

- Develop long-lasting relationships
   with our clients

- Forward thinking use of Internet

- Make travel positive and successful!


Benefits to Your Organization:

- Seamless travel experience

- 24-hour staff provided

- Opportunities for advertisement
  and promotion

- Save Money

One Call Does it All!


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